Identification of sources

‘Sourcing’ refers to researching a source, a place of conservation of a work, which is able to provide a high resolution digital file of the work in question, to enable its reproduction.
Our Services
  • Identification of the intellectual property of the work.
  • Research into that intellectual property to locate the copyright holder able to provide a suitable image file.
  • Presentation of the project to obtain a high resolution image file in exchange for a fee and reproduction rights agreement, where appropriate.
  • Acquisition and delivery of the high resolution image file, in accordance with conditions agreed by the client.
‘The work’ refers to either a still image (photography but also all visual arts represented in a still image), or a moving image (a clip, such as an excerpt from a film, either fiction or documentary; from a televised reportage or news clip by a magazine, newspaper or broadcaster, or from video programs broadcast on Youtube), a soundtrack or text.
The research applies to all territories. Our team is fluent in French, English, Spanish, Italian and Russian and if necessary we will use interpretation and intermediary services in embassies and consulates worldwide.
Should reproduction rights need to be licensed in addition to the acquisition of the image file, our services also cover the obtaining of a license.
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