AURIGINES is a consultancy specialising in the research and acquistion of images, and in the management and licensing of reproduction rights (clearance).
Our team consists of archivists, picture researchers and lawyers specialising in intellectual property and copyright.
We have been working in the arts and image research fields for over 30 years. Our research extends well beyond traditional image collections.
Through this experience, we have forged links with a large network of museums worldwide, with specialist archives and libraries, reaching documents which are difficult to find online and may be undigitised.
If you are a museum, production company, advertising agency, website, publishing house or magazine, and you are working on an exhibition, television programme, advertising campaign or publication and have need of illustrations, contact us and present your project.
We will consider your needs and deadlines to provide you with a proposed budget, free of charge.
Upon agreement, we will carry out the necessary research and provide budgetary updates at intervals determined by the project schedule.
Whatever the scope of the project, we will plan successive steps to enable us to guide you to completion of your project, without the need for full commitment from the offset.
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